Frequently Asked Questions

How M-cast packing progress will proceed?

Medical equipment requires specialized handling to maintain for its accurate and precise performance.

Thus, M-cast undergoes the de-installation of the equipment along only with our well-trained engineers.

We also have partnerships with experts in crating and shipping so that all of our equipment will be delivered in its finest quality of operation as well as in its appearance.

We have convinced on many of our customers with our packing processes come into play in logistics management from storage to cargo handling and distribution.

What kinds of equipment M-cast handles?

We guarantee complete satisfaction to our customers with a wide range of products from major manufactures such as MRI, CT scanner, X-ray, Ultrasound, Endoscopy system, Ophthalmic Equipment, OB/GYN Equipment, Analyzer, Inspection/Measurment Equipment, ECG, Operation related Equipment, Bone Densitometer, etc...

All equipment used in Japan; We collect our goods only from endorsed reliable source.

We confidently belive our role act as a bridge with people in medical industry between Japan and your countries.

How is the quality of each machines?

Used medical equipment we purchase at various locations in Japan are de-installed by our professional engineers.

Experienced engineers inspect them and will mention the TRUE condition of the machine.

We, at first, would like our customers to be offered by our items with detailed clarification about their conditions.

We believe without a doubt that our deal contributes to improve the standard of health-care in each countries, whole world!

What happened if there is no stock available?

If we cannot find the machine that you are looking for in our inventory, we will start searching for the machine throughout our own purchasing network.

We stably procure items from leasing companies including our parent company, Mitsubishi HC Capital Group.

We also purchase items from doctors or hospitals directly all over Japan.

We will find items you need for sure.

About the price?

We have established our own purchase network to supply you with reliable, used-in-Japan medical equipment.

M-cast is a pioneer in this market since 2005, we have accumulated full of knowledge and experience as a top-runner.

Our specialists assess value of the equipment on sale in the market and choose high performance equipment.

This is one of the reasons why we manage to offer you high quality equipment at reasonable price.