About us

Supplier of Used Medical Equipment from Japan.

Top 5 Reasons Why Choose Us

  1. 1. Honesty

    1. Honesty

    We won’t only tell you about the advantages of each device but will also let you know about disadvantages and give you detailed information about the condition of each unit.

  2. 2. All Used in Japan

    2. All Used in Japan

    The functionality and outer appearance of each device is excellent due to being used with utmost care by Japanese hospitals.

  3. 3. Cleaning & Shipping

    3. Cleaning & Shipping

    Before a device is shipped it will undergo a thorough cleaning to ensure that it arrives sparkling-clean at your destination.

  4. 4. Mitsubishi HC Capital Group

    4. Mitsubishi HC Capital Group

    We are a member of Mitsubishi HC Capital Group.

  5. 5. Huge Inventory

    5. Huge Inventory

    Currently we stock over 600 devices and thus are able to cater to our customers needs in a most satisfactory manner.